The systems which we plan and build have a life expectancy far in excess of all contractual requirements. We do not leave our customers alone during this period. Regardless of whether the maintenance is required by law as in the pharmaceuticals industry or is requested by the customer, we have perfectly trained technicians and qualified employees with many years of experience. These service specialists are already involved during the start-up phase and manage the systems and advise customers during the entire plant life cycle. With our broad-based service network, we are never far from your site.

Our services

  • Skilled advice on new equipment
  • Function-testing of the existing equipment
  • Identification of any necessary adjustments, e.g. as a result of new product requirements or variations in the composition of raw water
  • Proposals for the technical and economic optimisation of existing equipment
  • Modifications, e.g. as a result of new technical developments or the expiry of existing ones
  • Pre-emptive maintenance
  • Emergency assistance and stand-by service on weekends and public holidays
  • Service hotline
  • Swift availability of spare parts
  • Provision of consumables such as chemicals
  • Recalibration service
  • Remote maintenance
  • Training

Bespoke service packages

We offer bespoke packages addressing a wide range of different customer requirements. What they all have in common is that they aim to preserve the economic viability of the plant in question. Thus, for example, we inspect membranes and ion exchange resins and make recommendations with respect to special treatments as an alternative to replacing them.

Minimum effect on plant availability

We have developed optimised procedures for various special activities to ensure that any necessary conversion work can be completed with minimum impact on plant availability.
Examples include:

  • Upgrade of control system from Siemens S5 to Siemens S7
  • Replacement of the EDI MK2 stacks by the new MK3 stacks

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