Specially prepared assembly rooms with zones of a defined level of purity ensure the high quality of the input materials with respect to contamination resistance and surface quality during storage and fabrication. Only tools suitable for processing stainless steel are used.

All lengths and attachments are produced using appropriate processes. Pipe cutters incorporating the planetary cut method are applied in piping, while roll cutters with a pipe reamer are used for very small nominal sizes.

Using welding machinery specially calibrated for the planned task with contact-free ignition and particularly also automated tube welding for WIG orbital welding, experienced specialists are able to achieve seams of a reproducible quality of execution. In this way, the welding seams exhibit an even and inconspicuous bead on both the exterior and the interior. The interior is narrow, even and free of any poring. Thanks to careful processing and the use of ultra-pure welding and forming gas, discolouring is at the lowest edge of the colour spectrum permitted.

Human input

Yet, even the best machinery is not sufficient by itself to achieve first-class engineering results. The completion of a complex plant satisfying the most demanding requirements is unthinkable without trained, experienced and motivated people.

A small proportion of manually executed welding seams cannot be avoided. It is precisely here that the deployment of experienced welders is the key to success. They are supported by welding technologies and welding foremen. Ultimate safety in the quality of execution is monitored by means of non-destructive testing.

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