During the planning process, Bilfinger lays the decisive foundations for the success of each project. The selection, combination and arrangement of components determine the amount of sourcing and assembly work required as well as the reliability, life expectancy and serviceability of the plant.

Accordingly, the investment, operating and maintenance costs are largely determined during the planning phase. The experience and expertise held by Bilfinger engineers and the use of CAD/CAE systems form the material basis for Bilfinger’s planning skills.

3D Planning

By using a three-dimensional CAD/CAE system to incorporate all plant components on an end-to-end basis, it is possible to avoid interface conflicts, thus simplifying project execution for all parties concerned and safeguarding the proper functioning of the plant for the customer.

A 3D model provides an accessible plan allowing collision checks to be performed and hiding all or part of individual components. Thus, the computer model provides a degree of visibility at an early stage of the development equivalent to or even exceeding that of the finished plant. This makes it an ideal tool for designing plants for optimised alignment and ease of use.

Explosion diagrams showing whether and how apparatus and components can be dismantled in the finished plant are a further application demonstrating the benefits of three-dimensional computer models.

3D model of a pharmaceutical protein plant

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