Modules and (super) skids

From spools to fully functional packages

The first level of prefabrication is confined to the production of spools, in which the piping system is integrated under workshop conditions, plus valves where necessary. In addition, equipment or parts of equipment can be assembled in a compact manner as transportable pre-assembled units (skids) either as solely mechanical skids or complete with E/I&C installations (cabling, hosing) or as a functioning and fully automated package - numerous alternatives are available here.

Production concept for larger items of equipment

If the equipment exceeds the standard dimensions for transportation, a bespoke superskid assembly may be the answer. In this case, the equipment is fully pre-assembled and planned in such a way that the dismantling required for transportation is minimised and the equipment can be quickly re-assembled at the customer’s site.

Pre-fabrication of piping systems

It is not only process equipment which can be prefabricated. The same thing is possible with conventional pipe-based distribution systems such as pipe-rack models, which, if required, can be fitted with main distribution frames for electrical installations for example. With a length of 6 to 12 metres, the pipe-rack modules can be executed for horizontal or vertical installation, e.g. for the distribution of ultra-pure media.

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