CIP/SIP systems

The cleaning process plays a crucial role in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology production process. Only by ensuring reliable cleaning before and after each production step is it possible to satisfy the demanding quality requirements.

Numerous different forms of execution are possible depending on the process, the available media, the operating models and the validation requirements. Energy-efficient and low-maintenance executions as well as optimised turnaround times in tandem with consistently high cleaning performance form the basis of our plans.

Bilfinger plans, fabricates and installs CIP/SIP systems for:

  • Fixed process equipment
  • Mobile equipment (e.g. mobile vessels)
  • Small parts

Execution types:

  • Integrated CIP models (operating tank = target tank)
  • Multi-tank systems (acid, lye, pure-water requirements) with or without rinsing water recycling
  • Detergent dosage systems
  • Hygienic heat exchangers for tempered CIP steps
  • EX execution also possible
  • Sterilisation activities subject to temperature-monitoring and logging
  • Bespoke automation and visualisation models

The plant modules are prefabricated in Salzburg and are tested and prequalified under operating conditions. In this way, it is possible to achieve the shortest possible installation and start-up phases.

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