Local/district heat distribution

The task of energy and heat utilities is to provide consumers with dependable supplies. These utilities have been relying on Bilfinger Life Science GmbH for decades to ensure disruption-free operation of the heat generation plants and networks.

Bilfinger Life Science has the personnel, expertise, experience and equipment required to design local and district heat distribution systems of all dimensions and type, to plan them in detail and to optimise and assemble them.

As the general contractor, Bilfinger Life Science assumes responsibility for handling complex projects from the execution of individual activities right through to overall responsibility. However, as a pipe engineering specialist, it is also a proven partner, transporting environmentally friendly district heat securely from the production plant to customers.


  • Transport piping and distribution networks for heat and refrigerants
  • Inverted syphons, bridges and special structures
  • Pump and converter stations  
  • Heat intake stations 

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