Energy and heat production

The economical use of energy is of prime importance for Bilfinger Life Science GmbH. Accordingly, it has been specialising for many years in the extraction of low-temperature heat as a "waste product" from industrial facilities and power station processes as well as the utilisation of renewable fuels such as wood and bark.

Bilfinger Life Science GmbH has been involved in the development of plant facilities which make sparing use of the energy contained in fuels thanks to such measures as flue gas condensation, the simultaneous production of electricity and heat and the use of thermal heat for refrigeration.

Suitable firing and filter technologies ensure low emissions of harmful substances. In addition, Bilfinger Life Science GmbH ensures that energy is used perfectly and with minimum strain on the environment by means of ecological measures such as ash recycling.


  • Biomass-fuelled heating plants
  • Biomass-fuelled combined heat and power plants
  • Geothermal heating plants
  • Combined geothermal heat and power plants
  • Combined power heat and refrigerating plants
  • ORC processes
  • Steam processes
  • Absorption refrigeration processes
  • Heat extraction from industrial process

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