Continuous Manufacturing Project

Integrated continuous processes (ICB) are going to be playing a vital role in modern bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. However, ICB are much more complex to implement than ordinary batch processes and puts high demands on process developer and plant manufacture alike. Bilfinger, as an industrial service provider, targets a frontrunner position in ICB and started the Project in late 2019 to develop an ICB unit for bio-based products. The project has received a funding by the FFG.


Schematic example of an end-to-end process train fort he manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies.


Aim of the project:

The project objective is to design and construct a truly continuous and fully automated ICB unit. Flexible, modular and universal applicable for the production of several bio-based products. Together with BOKU, we are developing an industrial relevant showcase (monoclonal antibody production process) in 2 – 100 L scale.


  • Reduction in floorspace
  • Decreased ecological footprint
  • Reduced capital expenditure and operational costs
  • Optimized for decentralized and flexible production system


  • Integration of protein production and protein purification process (incl. 2nd virus inactivationstep)
  • Modular structured for highest flexibility
  • Establishment of ICB control and monitoring concepts
  • Minimized residence time distribution – enhanced traceability
  • Fully automated ICB unit for production processes of 30 days +


  • FFG funding recieved April 2020
  • Integrated process (Proof of concept) Jan 2021
  • Installation of Prototype Summer 2022

Project Manager

Bernhard Sissolak
Head of Innovation Pharma

Prof. Dr. Alois Jungbauer
Head of Institute of Bioprocess Science and Engineering (IBSE), BOKU Wien


University of Natural Ressources and Life Science, Vienna

Austrian Research Promotion Agency


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