Fabrication under controlled conditions in the workshop offers a number of advantages over on-site assembly.

One of the main arguments in favour of workshop fabrication is the ability to apply controlled processes using the most suitable technical equipment. The necessary tools can be selected without making any sacrifices due to limited scope for transportation or space limitations. The result is heightened efficiency thanks to ideal underlying conditions, yielding the best possible quality.

Rational processing makes a contribution to substantially shorter overall construction periods. As fabrication is not dependent on construction progress at the site, the building phase can be rendered far more efficient. Construction activities and completion of the plant modules are no longer dependent on each other. Prefabrication reduces on-site assembly times to a minimum. The remaining small time window and reduced personnel deployment for on-site installation reduces the risk of disruptions to operations as a result of construction activity.

Plant (pre-) fabrication ensures maximum efficiency and quality thanks to the use of "controlled conditions", shortening construction and assembly times at the site.