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Our company’s name has been changed with effect from 2 December: Bilfinger Industrietechnik Salzburg GmbH has become Bilfinger Life Science GmbH. This change of name reflects yet another step in our efforts to consistently focus on customer needs in the pharmaceutical, nutrition and environmental market segments.  

  • Pharma: Sterile dosage forms, biopharma, plasma derived medicinal drugs
  • Nutrition: Protein extraction and high-end nutrition
  • Environment: Power generation and distribution, energy transition, water and wastewater systems in microelectronics


With our "design-build-run" approach, we provide process equipment and plants from planning to commissioning. To ensure the reliable operation of your equipment, we provide data-based maintenance solutions in support centres. 

We offer our customers a one-stop shop for professional solutions without interface losses and with clearly assigned responsibilities, while at the same time keeping supplier management costs to a minimum.

Practical information regarding the change of name

What is changing?

  • Company name: Please update your records, changing our company name from Bilfinger Industrietechnik Salzburg GmbH to Bilfinger Life Science GmbH. This is particularly important for suppliers who need to issue their invoices in the new company name to avoid delays in processing.
  • Our website address is now, although our old website address will remain active and redirect you to the new one.

What isn’t changing?

  • Your usual contact persons will still be there for you with the same telephone numbers and personal e-mail addresses.
  • The company remains the same, its bank details, VAT ID number, tax number remain unchanged.
  • There are no changes to location addresses (apart from the company name).
  • Existing contracts and agreements remain valid.
  • We are part of the Bilfinger Group, the ownership structure remains unchanged.

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New company name – important information for suppliers

From now on, please issue all invoices to:

Bilfinger Life Science GmbH
Urstein Nord 31
5412 Puch/Salzburg

Please send invoices exclusively by e-mail to the respective e-mail address for invoicing stated in the order.

See the “Practical information regarding the change of name” section on this page for more information.