2021, December Company renamed Bilfinger Life Science GmbH
2018 Location for Belgium/Netherlands opened in Antwerp   
2017, July Location Rhineland opened in Haan, Germany
2017, April New headquarters in Puch/Salzburg
2016 Location opened in Dresden, Germany
2014, October Water Solutions commenced
2013, November Regional operations in Shanghai (China) established
2013, March Company renamed Bilfinger Industrietechnik Salzburg GmbH
2010 Company renamed BIS Industrietechnik Salzburg GmbH
2009 Bilfinger SE acquired MCE AG from DBAG
2008 Delivery and successful handover of a major production project for a biotechnology company in Switzerland
2007 Entry into the French market with the execution of a preliminary contract
2005 Production facility opened in Salzburg for the construction of compact equipment, apparatus and modular components for the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals industry.
2004 Spin-off of the segments biotechnology | pharma | fine chemicals and power engineering | pipe technology into an independent company MCE Industrietechnik Salzburg GmbH & Co
2002 MCE VOEST and MAB Anlagenbau Austria combined their business under the roof of MCE AG.
1999 Mannesmann Anlagenbau Austria AG acquired by the Andlinger Group.

Company renamed
 MAB Anlagenbau Austria AG.
1980 Company converted into Mannesmann Anlagenbau Austria AG.
1964 Activities in the Austrian pharmaceuticals industry commenced.
1956 Company acquired by the Mannesmann Group  and renamed Österreichische Rohrbau Ges.m.b.H.
1955 Rohr- und Heizungsbau Ges.m.b.H. incorporated