References: piping

Biotechnology company (CH)

Object: Next-generation biologic manufacturing facility with new areas: Bulk Manufacturing Cells (BMC1 and BMC2), warehouse and Central Utilities…

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Biopharmaceutical company (CH)

Project: Biotechnology production centre

Object: Construction of an international biotechnology production centre to produce a medicine


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Healthcare company (D)

Object: Process piping for multi-purpose facility dedicated to production of agents for clinical trials

Services provided:

  • Delivery and assembly…
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Biotechnology company (B)

Object: Mechanical installation of a production facility; two production lines each comprising a 4,000 litre bioreactor

Services provided:

  • Pre-fab…
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Pharmaceutical company (A)

Object: Construction of buffer preparation and buffer storage in connection with the extension of basic fractionation, construction of laboratories…

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