Ultra-pure media systems

Favourably priced package units for standard technologies

The production, storage and provision of ultra-pure media – ultra-pure steam and ultra-pure water in different qualities as well as ultra-pure gases – are subject to stringent requirements.
No matter whether it concerns sterile and sanitisable systems for pharmaceutical applications or the highest possible levels of purity down to the ppt level in semiconductor production, our engineers and technicians are familiar with the requirements for the design as well as for the fabrication and pre-assembly of plant equipment.

We are just as adept at handling difficult crude water qualities (e.g. surface water from dams) as we are at developing simple and standardised solutions for generating ultrapure water from drinking water.

Pretreatment/softening and (H)PW production

We develop and build standardised and, hence, inexpensive package units for

  • Softening,
  • Reverse osmosis, and
  • Electrochemical deionisation (EDI).

The standard solutions include options for integrating additional customer requirements at any time.

Based on the quality requirements, operating costs and local conditions, we select the optimum process solution in consultation with our customers. To this end, we analyse virtually all state-of-the-art technologies and select the optimum system for the specific application.

 Overview: technologies and applications

Activated CarbonX
Reverse OsmosisXXX
Ion ExchangeXX


WFI distillates and pure steam generators

We work closely with renowned vendors of package units for the generation of pure steam and WFI.

Storage and distribution

With our own experienced staff, we plan and install the distribution network for the various consumer systems as well as optimised dosage management for the clean media consumers. In this way, customers can depend on high-quality and on-schedule delivery as well as problem-free plant operations.

Equipment from a single source

This portfolio offers our customers a complete and fully integrated package comprising all production systems, which are closely linked to the corresponding storage and distribution systems at the planning and process level.

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