Bioreactor systems and fermentation equipment

Our bioreactor line represents the essence of our expert knowledge and has been designed with the utmost care. It is built using high quality, state-of-art components and is equipped with user-friendly E/I&C, automation and software. Whether for bacterial fermentation or cell culture, a Bilfinger bioreactor offers the right solution.

Laboratory bioreactor systems

  • Working volume: 15 to 100 L
  • Mobile and compact design
  • Dual mobile control unit
  • In place sterilizable push valves for additions
  • User conform process visualization
  • PAT-compliant hardware design
  • Application: laboratory, R&D, education

Pilot bioreactor systems

  • Working volume: 100 to 1,000 L
  • Flexible scalability
  • Modular and space-optimized design
  • Central control unit
  • Integrated CIP unit, optional
  • Fully automated hardware configuration
  • Application: pilot plant

Production bioreactor systems

  • Working volume: from 1,000 L
  • Complete production plant
  • Super skid manufacturing
  • Steel platform construction
  • High qualification standards
  • Application: production

Modular system for bioreactors and fermenters

An intelligent module system combines the advantages of series-manufactured products with the benefits of bespoke solutions. Established and reliable modules are available for all main functions. The customer can select what he needs to assemble a system to perfectly match his requirements. The module system offers short lead times and delivery periods due to the fact that the majority of engineering and development of the module system is already finished.

The Modules

Gas mixing station

The gas mixing station permits the introduction of specific gas flows, such as CO2, O2, N2 and air. The required volume of gas can be set by means of massflow controllers. The adjustment of pO2 and pH levels is possible via the corresponding gas input.

Supply air group

The gases can be introduced via the headspace and/or as submerse aeration via a ringsparger or frit into the bioreactor. The submerse and headspace aeration systems are both equipped with individual sterile filters and corresponding piping and can be sterilised and cleaned as separate units.

Exhaust air group

The exhaust air group permits the heated and/or cooled removal and filtering of exhaust gases. In addition, there is a connection for exhaust air analysis. An optional module also allows the headspace pressure to be regulated. The exhaust air group can be sterilised and cleaned separately from the bioreactor vessel.

Temperature circuit

Depending on the size of the vessel, either an open or closed system with a separate expansion vessel is used. The temperature of the content of the vessel is subject to follow-up control. For this purpose, the sensor inside the vessel is the main regulator for the temperature sensor in the temperature circuit.

Sampling system

Sampling and the sterilisation of the valve is done manually. The sampling system is equipped with a temperature sensor to follow up the sterilisation. Various options are possible, such as CIP function, automatic operation or a closed sampling system in glass bottles.


Three feeding lines permit the precise addition of media or corrective reagents such as alkali or antifoam agents or the discharge of perfusion. A further feeding line allows the inoculum to be added to the vessel. All feeding lines are SIP-ready together with the system as a whole and also individually without any interruption to the ongoing fermentation process. Sterilisation is monitored via the temperature sensors. All feeding lines are CIP-ready and are each equipped with a peristaltic pump.

Harvest group

The bottom valve is SIP-ready. Additionally the harvest group can be equipped with valve configurations for harvest and transfer.

User-friendly software

The bioreactors are fitted with a user-friendly software system which is touchscreen-operated.


All functions and displays for operating the bioreactor system can be readily seen and accessed on the front of the equipment.

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